Bridal Hair Shoot By Giron Artistry and Torobu Photography

Bridal Hair

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist: Mary Giron

Photographer: Torobu Photography

Model: Taylor Prainito 1421060_568277816602977_343874532_o 1459235_568277899936302_830692786_n 1962414_568277813269644_1207699615_o 1978399_568277786602980_40401521_o 1979184_568277499936342_1331130690_oThis is bridal shoot that I collaborated with Richard Liwanag. He takes awesome pictures by the way as you can see. The whole idea was focusing on the bridal hair. How I came up with that hairstyle, I was inspired by the brides from India. I was fascinated with the weddings occuring in their culture, because just from the venue itself, all you can see was colors. It’s like rainbow brite and sailormoon did a fusion dance. Even the bride was decked out with colors, and not a single detail was missed. I decided for this project to just focus on the details of the hair and link the makeup look to modern and simple look.

Just keep in mind, I was very sore this day, because I just did a Spartan Sprint  and I was really sore! 4.5 mile run,  20 difficult obstacles, and this is for another story to tell. For the location, I choose a hill by Moreno Valley, CA. and it wasn’t that easy to get up there, because their was no trail, the hill has a slight incline, the rocks are not climb friendly, and those bushes are spikey! I definitely give all the crew brownie points for actually allowing themselves to go through all those obstacles. Plus the weather didn’t help either. I noticed the clouds started getting dark and all of a sudden it started drizzling.  I was worried for the photographers camera, but he kept on shooting. I must say that the change of weather added a beautiful effect for the shoot. Hope you guys love our collaborated work.

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