Palm Springs Wedding!!!

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Makeup Arist and Hair Stylist: Mary Jaffal

Glam Team: Laura Coronado (MUA) and Clarissa Romero (Hairstylist)

Venue: Chopshouse, Riviera Palm Springs, and Visceroy Palm Springs.


This is a very interesting story on how I met the bride, the now known Mrs. Jesse Sablan. Congrats again. The bride and I met through craigslists! YES! That’s right! The good ol’ craigslist. Don’t under estimate free advertising. She was hesitant at first to meet me, and I never understood why.  Until she asked, “Who is Mary Giron? Mary Jaffal? Mary Wilkins?” I was confused like how did she know all my last names? (looong story!!!) I checked all the emails again that I didn’t realized that I have been messaging her from different emails. My silly iPhone messed everything up. I thought that I was messaging her in my business email, but I was in fact responding randomly to her from different email accounts with different last names. Even I would be hesitant to meet myself. Overall, we finally met up! FINALLY! After all the schedule conflicts and misunderstanding. Destiny said “YES!”

She decided to meet me at my place. I had some grapes for her as a snack and offered her water. She is just a doll! She is just a lively person, and so upbeat! She loves EDM, and I am a fan of EDM. When she mentioned that she goes to Sutra at Orange County to listen to Markus Schultz, Dash Berlin, and all the cool EDM artist, we just bonded right there! I could have met her from day one since I was at that club every weekend. During the makeup and hair trial, she loved everything, and just said, “WOW!! You are hired!” I just smiled like YAY!!!

On her wedding day on September 26th 2014, I am not going to lie, but I couldn’t sleep. I was really excited! I arrived at exactly 7am at Riviera Palm Springs Hotel with my glam team, and that was the day I met all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the groom. She is very much loved, because their was a few set backs about her room, like some miscommunication from the front desk, but all her bridal party was like on top of everything.

My team, Laura Coronado (MUA) and Clarissa Romero (Hairstylist), are the ones in charged of the bridesmaid. Those two did a phenomenal job, and they are just great to be with. Without them I wouldn’t be able to glam everyone up in a solo act. I was very thankful for giving their time to work with me.

I met the groom, Mr. Angelo Sablan when it was his turn to get his makeup on. I was kidding around that I was there to do his drag makeup, jk. Yes, men wears makeup too. The term is “Men’s grooming.” I made him look flawless. If you look at his shots, he doesn’t even  look like he is wearing makeup.

From the reception at Chophouse, to everyone’s dresses, and to the speeches was impeccable. I was getting teary eyed. I told Ms. Jesse that it’s ok to cry, because I am there to touch her up. I will make sure that she looks good no matter what the situation is. Everyone was having a wonderful time, and it was a very loving moment that day. Seeing Mr. Angelo and Ms. Jesse, I know those two will have an endless of happiness in their marriage. Congrats!!!


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