Corporate Photoshoot (Collaborated work of Giron Artistry and Bryan Gateb Photography)

Makeup Artist and Harstylist: Mary Giron

Photographer: Bryan Gateb

Client: Attorney Taylor Prainito

Location: Riverside Superior Court


The day the hashtag #teamawesome was created. I love this shoot so much, because I have been to riverside several times, but I couldn’t believe that I keep missing this cool spot. Everything was perfect this day. My dear friend, Taylor, is a lawyer and setting up her own business site soon. She wants a great photo of herself to showcase in her website. She told me to go all out on her, like dramatic. I’m thinking of clubbing wise. As a lawyer, I wanted to create a subtle/ dramatic look, but a little kick to it. I made her hair wavey to have that softness to her cute oval face. The photographer, Bryan, just did his magic. I keep saying teamawesome the whole time, because every picture he was taking was great. It doesn’t need much editing. Everything was just flawless that day.





10338392_612537745510317_1160942534676369386_o 10355892_612537548843670_1127078745379636697_n  10422156_612537552177003_8124996271708720527_n 10451693_612537545510337_9056425636211933082_n 10455260_612537735510318_5170672731509102135_n 10462679_612537678843657_3901043811889448575_n 10502200_612537818843643_2646880860388264787_n 10513428_612537932176965_8916309832522261938_n


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