The One and Only….SCOTT BARNES!!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Finally met my idol. Celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes. Some of you may not know him, but he is the makeup artist of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Gyweneth Paltrow, and so on. He created the look called ‘Lit from Within.” I just don’t know what to tell you how I felt this day. I was just WOOOOW! It is really happening. I can finally cross this out my bucket list.

I was actually an hour late for this event, because I couldn’t find a model. The model I needed bailed, and the other model said she’s busy. I was like, ‘COME ON!!! IT’S SCOTT BARNES!!!” They have no clue who I’m talking about. I had to call my mom if I can borrow my sister. It was sooo chaotic! First my mother dearest kept on rambling about things, like about life, her work, her day, and I was being polite and listening to her needs, until she finally said to ask my dad, YES!!! So  I called my dad and he was like, “Ok.” I don’t know why my parents make me go through all this puzzles. This is just the beginning of the nightmare.

Going to LA from Moreno Valley is like an hour and 45 minutes. Class starts at 10 am and when I looked at the clock, it was 9:15 am. NOOOO WAAAAY will I be on time. I was driving as fast as I can, but being safe, of course. When we finally made it, well I was 45 minutes late….at least I came in one piece, right?!?!? Mr. Scott Barnes stared at me and said “Hmmm….10:45….” I apologized, and the traffic in LA. I took a seat, and the only feeling that I can think about is…OMG! Scott Barnes…TEAR!!!! and He said a sentence to me. Don’t mock me! This is my moment.

The only time that stood out the most for me when I finally finished doing the makeup application to my sister. Mr. Scott Barnes came up to me and complimented my work. Even his makeup assistant Sean Harris, said “Woow, Mary! Good job!” They have no idea how much I needed that. Two well known artist complimented my work. I bought his book called “About me,” and totally got his autograph. I’m just like AHHHHH!!!!!


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